Upgrade your venue


Macomb County Happenings has many great venues where fabulous events go on all year long. Our definition of a venue is a place that hosts at least a dozen events throughout the year for the general public. We know that there are many places that probably fit this description that are not on our list. If you feel as though your venue should be on our list you should email tracey@countyhappenings.com . Together we will come up with a plan for your venue. 

If you are a venue listed in our pull down system consider Upgrading your Venue. When you search a venue you will see the name and address of the venue along with all the events for that venue on the page. Uppgraded Venues are listed at the top of our venue listing. You can see a logo from the venue on this listing. Once on the Upgraded Venue page you will see photos of the venue, a map with directions, a long description of the venue and the listing of all events at that venue that have been input in the system. Becoming an Upgraded Venue is easy and affordable. For a small fee a venue can be upgraded for a year giving their venue page much more appeal and much more information for the general public right at their finger tips so they don't have to do any more searching online. If you are interested in Upgrading your Venue contact tracey@countyhappenings.com .

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