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Becoming a Featured Event is a great way to market your event on the Macomb County Happenings Web site. Having a featured event keeps your event on the home page and in front of everyone who comes to the Web site. Featured events will be seen quickly without having to search making them well worth the cost to advertise. Since events come and go quickly it is important to think about when to become a featured event and spend your money wisely. We suggest you consider the two weeks prior to your event at the very least to get the most attendance. People may plan ahead but if they are reminded about your event right before it happens they will have more chance of remembering to put your event on their calendar. Only six featured events appear every week so you may want to reserve your week early so you don't miss out. The featured events rotate continually so you will always be there. This movement on the home page is good and draws attention to the featured events. Once your event is approved you will receive an email asking if you would like your event to be featured. If you click on the link and it will take you to your event. You should see a link to upgrade on your event listing. Since you were the author only you can upgrade to a featured event. Follow the prompts and pick your week(s), then input your credit card information and you will be all set. If you don't upgrade right away, know that the upgrade link will stay in your listing so when you go back to edit your listing you can always choose to upgrade then. All featured event purchases are final. 

If you want to add additional coverage of your event on the Macomb County Happenings Web site you can do so by advertising. Click here  for more information.

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