FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Is it FREE to list an event on Macomb County Happenings?

Yes it is! There is no charge for you to fill out the form online, upload photos and give links and other important information about your event. You do need to become a user first.

How can my event be featured in the News section or the article on the home page?

All articles that are on the home page are included on the News page. If you think your event is newsworthy, you can send more detailed information about your event to tracey@studio-communications.com . We receive lots of information about many events so we don't promise anything. We simply cannot have an article about every event. But, we will contact you directly if we have more questions, so be sure to include your contact information.

What is the limit of weeks you can purchase for a Featured Event?

There isn't a limit, but if you want that many weeks, you may want to consider purchasing ad space instead of being a featured event. Visit our advertising page  link and contact us directly. All featured event purchases are final. 

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